Adult Christian Education

Spiritual Development - Adult Education

After listening to the sermon have you ever said: "That was really interesting, I'd like to talk more about it." Now is your chance. Beginning January 3rd Pastor Mary will be preaching a series of sermons about what it means to be a United Methodist. Topics will include: A Disciples Path, Prayers and Scripture Meditation, Corporate Worship and Small-group Community, Utilizing Our Gifts, and How to Witness. The series will examine how we grow as followers of Jesus Christ. The book being used to guide this class is : "A Disciples Path: A Guide for United Methodists" by James A. Harnish with Justin Larosa. The book can be purchased through Amazon or any religious book web site. To accommodate a large number of people there will be two sections of the class. The first section will be lead by Troy and Jill Moser and the other section will be lead by Duane Smith. To sign-up contact them by email. Troy and Jill ( Duane ( Please sign up soon as space is limited.


Click HERE for Amazon Link to A Disciples Path Workbook.


New Spiritual Development Classes for Winter Term

We are excited to offer some great classes to help members grow in their faith and feel closer to our God. Spaces will be limited because of the Zoom format so please sign up as soon as possible.


Winter Classes:

Continue Disciple: Fast Track Bible Study
Taught by Jean Zlomke

A continuing in-depth study of the Bible. This is one of the best Bible Study programs anywhere. The recent rendition of this program is a little more abbreviated than the highly intensive Disciple Bible Study of the past. This is a Semester long course and well worth the time.

Staring on January 10, 2021 at 4:30 pm. Sign up with Jean at:


"What's So Amazing About Grace?"  
Taught by Paul Hewitt

A class based on the book by Philip Yancey.  Grace is the church's great distinctive. It's the one thing the world cannot duplicate, and the one thing it craves above all else--for only grace can bring hope and transformation to a jaded world. If grace is God's love for the undeserving, then what does it look like in action? And if Christians are its sole dispensers, then how are we doing at lavishing grace on a world that knows far more of cruelty and unforgiveness than it does of mercy?

This class will be scheduled to begin in mid-February. Watch the Bulletin and Newsletter for sign-up information at a later date. Please contact Paul at:


A Little Bit More….Preparing for Lent  
Taught by Charlottle Ashworth


A six week class to enable you to connect more closely to God. The class will go over some of the basic ways to prepare for Lent including daily devotions, how to read and study the Bible, and Prayer Patterns.

Beginning January 6 through February 10, 2021. Sign up and for additional information contact Charlotte at: