Lead Pastor

Rev. Jim Wallasky

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"To share the Love of God, proclaim the Good News of Christ Jesus our Lord, and encourage fellowship in the Holy Spirit" has been my motto and direction for over 40 years of ministry.

My faith journey began at First German Congregational Church in Lincoln, NE. where I was baptized and confirmed.  I became a United Methodist while attending Nebraska Wesleyan University.  Wesleyan theology and the gifts it brings to the Christian world resonated with my soul.  Graduating from Iliff School of Theology, in Denver, Co. and receiving my Doctorate from Drew University, Madison, New Jersey continues to impact my life. 

My family is an integral part of my ministry.  Lynn has been my partner in ministry for over 40+ years and our two sons, Jayson (Des Moines, Iowa) and Jeremy (Lincoln, NE) joined us during our early years.  Lindsay (Jeremy's wife) has brought a wonderful sparkle to our family in the past 10 years.   My father and his wife, Donna live in Englewood, FL, while my mother-in-law lives in Nebraska.  Brothers, sisters and in-laws are all over the nation. They all humble and guide me appropriately, as families do.

My ministry as been based around, We are ALL welcome, All children of God and all One in Christ Jesus.   I have had the privilege of serving nine United Methodist Churches in Nebraska, ranging from rural to multi-staff urban churches in the Nebraska Annual Conference.  Most recently, the United Methodist Church in Green Valley, AZ. in the Desert Southwest Conference.  Each community provided lessons and gifts that have enhanced my ministry to share the love of Jesus Christ.  Leadership roles such as chair of Board of Ordained Ministry and chair of Methodist Federation for Social Action, taught me tenacity and boldness for God's people.

My Belief is based around the following:

   I believe that there is neither

  • Jew nor Greek
  • Slave nor Free
  • Male nor Female
  • Straight nor Gay
  • Black nor White

   We are ALL welcome, All Children of God and all one in Christ Jesus.  

   The love of Christ should control us, we should bear each others burdens. 

   Faith should always work through love.

   I believe in listening to the voice of God through team ministry.

  • There is wisdom within each of us
  • Love and relationships are more important that rules

   God is vastly more immense than all of our theology and philosophy combined

My personal life, having been born on April 1st has set me up for a life of humor.  Bad jokes, punsters and comedic routines are part of my JOY.  I veg out on Star Trek, Star Wars and love to find the connection between the fictional and the counter culture world that I would love to create or recreate.  I am picky when it comes to the fictional genre, the Good must win, otherwise I'm not a happy camper. As YODA so wisely states,   "Do or do not, there is no try!"  I continue to DO!!! and love Doing it here at Green Valley United Methodist Church. 

 I am blessed to serve as your pastor!