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As we prepare to reopen the GVUMC campus, help is needed covering cloth chairs
with plastic wrap to help protect the fabric during sanitizing.

Help is needed right away, so if you can help,
please email or call the church office - 702-454-7989

Voicemail is checked regularly in the office, please leave a message
and we will get back to you asap!

GVUMC Volunteer Opportunities

We are in need of volunteers to help us with the sanitizing of the rooms used by 3rd party renters. We are asking the renters to spray and wipe all of the surfaces that they touched once their meeting has concluded. However, after their meeting and before the next group meets, we will be sanitizing the rooms with a fogging machine and this is what we need volunteers for.

We are getting ready to plant the final group of trees on our campus.
The trees will be arriving very soon and we will need volunteers to help dig the holes and to then plant the trees.
This will be done in 3 phases so we can finish this project before it gets too hot.

Also help is needed with spraying and pulling weeds around the Church property.

If you would like to volunteer for either of these projects please call or email the church office and leave your name and contact information.

Phone: 702-454-7989


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Live-Stream Schedule

April 11, 2021 at 9:30am (Live from the GVUMC Patio)

You may see welcome and announcement slides prior to the beginning of the service. 

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Online Memorial Page

Losing a member of our church family is always difficult, but during the current pandemic and time of separation it has become harder to share our grief, share stories and celebrate life as a church community.
We have created an online memorial board and we invite everyone to please share your memories, stories and/or photos of church members who have passed.

Click HERE to go to the online memorial board 

We hope this online memorial board will help bring us together as a community and not only share our grief, but help celebrate the life of the members who have been a vital part of the GVUMC community.

Email Address Updates

GVUMC recently revamped our email service.

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Megan Gilley:
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We will be praying alongside you to help comfort those you request prayers for.

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