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A New Beginning: A New Adult Class
"Looking Inward at Our Faith"

Important Announcement

A New Beginning: A New Adult Class
"Looking Inward at Our Faith"

When we come back to worship on April 18th we will have time between the services for Adult Education (Spiritual; Development).  Our first class will be an eight week introspective look at how we live our faith and build our relationship with God.

The class will be taught by Ash Dotson and Paul Hewitt utilizing the NOOMA videos by Rob Bell.

Personal note from Paul Hewitt;
"I first met Rob Bell's NOOMA video series as a member of the Christian Faculty Fellowship when I was a faculty member at the University of Arkansas. I found this video series to be so thought provoking I bought it for myself. We will look at Scripture as it applies to each video and engage in discussion about how the message impacts our lives. I'll go out on a limb and say that once you see the very first video, you'll never forget it. It is one of the most powerful illustrations of the nature of God that I have ever seen. When I think about the nature of God I think about this video.
Please join us for this class."

To insure proper social distancing enrollment will be limited to only 40.
To enroll please e-mail to register.